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Dear Parent,

Welcome to The Cradle, the first ever 24 hour workplace infant and toddler care center in Uganda. We are here to meet the career advancement needs of mothers in the workplace. In turn we will help to address the challenges of mothers’ absenteeism and turn over caused by child related issues.

The Cradle came into existence as a result of my deep conviction about who I would share my God given responsibility of raising my son with. The option of a nanny was mired by reports of child abuse and their lack of experience in infant care. A daycare wasn’t viable either as many of them were part of a kindergarten or didn’t focus on infant and toddler care. I longed to share the responsibility of raising my child with someone that had the same belief system in raising children to be the best they can be; A place that would be just like home. 

So In June 2014, with savings, a grant from Amos Wekesa the founder and CEO of Great Lake’s safari and a partnership with a good friend Primera Muthoni, Little Steps opened its doors to its first clients. We further developed the first Ugandan infant care curriculum based on the cognitive, physical, spiritual and character growth needs of children. 

Our vision is to set up The Cradle at workplace premises and provide a solution to parents who would prefer professional care as the primary care givers for their children as they are away at work. It will also serve to provide a solution to employee absenteeism and turn over and benefits employers, employees and children 

Little Steps has now been recently rebranded to The Cradle, a name we believe speaks better to parents and employers about what we do. We hope that you will enroll your child at either our offsite centers or onsite at your work place and will enable you make the decision to allow us share the responsibility of raising your child with you because ?“We’re Here When You Can’t Be”

Manuela Mulondo Chief Care Officer

We're Here When You Can't Be

The Cradle is a twenty four hour (24 hr) infant and toddler care service company that provides professional care for children with working parents. We nurture and provide quality child care for children between zero and forty eight months of age in a safe and conducive environment.


We are committed to being the next best alternative to actual parental care in East Africa.


The Cradle strives to meet the infant’s/toddlers physical, cognitive and psychosocial needs by embracing a philosophical model of a needs-based program.

Our Values

  • Love

  • Integrity

  • Trust

  • Tolerance

  • Liability

  • Empathy

Our Promise

  • Holistic child care

    Provide quality child care by promoting a co-parenting relationship that is cooperative, informative, and respectful allowing parents to work knowing their children are in safe hands.

  • Interactive Learning

    Develop a positive self image in each child by providing an environment that encourages independence, decision making, and problem solving

  • Active Play Ground

    Assist each child gain better control and understanding of his/her body through interaction with the environment, materials, and equipment

  • Safe and Healthy Environment

    Encourage each child in his/her developmental growth by providing a healthy, safe and secure environment that encourages learning through action, inquiry and exploration

A Home Away From Home

The Cradle is located in a homely environment far from the main road. Our numbers are small to represent a big family of children

A Team that Cares

Our permanent staff comprises of a CEO, Operations Manager, Chief Care Officer, Administration and Finance, Head Carers, Child Carers, Chef, Cleaner and guards while our temporary staff includes a doctor, temporary nannies and volunteers. Specialized training is a pre-requisite for staff working with infants/toddlers. The knowledge and understanding of infant/toddler growth patterns and developmental needs are critical in providing appropriate care and experiences. Infants/toddlers are largely dependent on adults for their needs.

  • Manuela Mulondo

    Founder & CEO
  • Agnes Ruteitsire

    Operations Manager
  • Kyalisima Agnes

    Head Carer
  • Daphne Musiimire

    Chief Care Officer
  • Maureen Kirabo Fiona

    Finance and Administration